Art Paper Ink

Art paper ink can be directly printed on various offset papers such as art paper and wood-free paper..

Art Paper Ink

Art Paper inks are proven and tested in the field with fascinating results at customers’ sites. The inks are put together and through thorough R&D testing to ensure quality and consistency of print result.  It meets and goes beyond the expectations of customers with assured reliability.  It makes your process much easier, less intensive and ability to push down your cost of operations.  Test today, Try it now, and make an appointment with our agents for a detailed discussion and demonstration at your convenience.  

Benefits of API ink…

●  No need of inkjet paper is required when ink is adopted
●  Cheaper per ml to orginal ink per cartridge
●  Permit the use of actual print paper for most realistic colour proofing
●  Print on wide variety of actual paper print media, without need of calibrated color background simulation
●  Double side printingon media make possible with use of this ink
●  Direct Print on technical cloth without heater for drying
●  Cut down the full cycle operation cost of material and consumable for same production


We have successfully developed a solution for EPSON printers by using our ColourGATE software with our new 4 colour API ink. Our solution will let you perform direct proofing on various offset printing paper, such as art paper, matt art paper, and wood free paper for example. The proofing results will be more accurate than one obtained from printing on inkjet paper.

Have a powerful option module: Channel Redirection Module (CRDM)
The Channel Redirection Module (CRDM) enables the definition which color channel should be printed on which print head. In Version 10 this module is available for production and proof workflow. In addition, it is now possible to redirect one color channel to multiple print heads.
If you have an EPSON 7890 (8 colour) printer and the black color nozzle was un-clearable clog ,usually we have to replace with an new print head it cost you about S$2500, but if you are using our new solution with colorGATE PS22 with Channel Redirection Module (CRDM) this is enables to redirect any of one unused nozzle like LC,LM,LK or LLK to replace the black channel if you are using only 4 colour channel for proofing
As for our new 4 colour (C, M, Y, K,) ink is good enough to simulation the offset prints on the offset printing paper like Art 157gsm , woodfree 120gsm paper ext.( without using ink jet paper )

Our 4 colour API ink coming 500ml bottler customer just need to fill it in to the refillable cartridge
Refillable cartridges are extremely easy to refill. Simply remove the cap, pour the ink through a funnel, and put back the cap.These cartridges come with one-time chips which can later be reset using chip resetter.