Large Photo Printing

Photo paper is a premium high-resolution resin-coated paper designed for the highest quality color images. Photo is ideal for photographic quality output where heavy ink laydowns are commonplace. these papers have excellent color reproduction.

Sometimes, your photos may need an extra sparkle! The 260gsm metallic finish adds a luxurious brilliance to your photos.

Paper Type
Commonly Used
170gsm / 190gsm inkjet paper
Portfolio images, posters, displays, layouts, promotional pieces, print proofs
235gsm / 260gsm photo paper
Weddings photos, family portraits, solo portraits, landscape photography, street photography
260gsm Metallic
Landscape photography, street photography, black and white photography, monotone photography
Uncoated paper
Generally for illustration and painting reproduction works, textured uncoated paper are exceptionally effective in managing to reflect fine art qualities.

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